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Olive in SOUR CANDY (lime)

Olive in SOUR CANDY (lime)


Handmade resin and confetti earrings. For those who shine from the inside, as well as from the outside.




    • The placement, as well as the amount of sequins and glitters, may vary from one pair to another.


    • Color combinations are available in very small quantities (usually between 1 and 8 pairs only, per shape), so if these earrings catch your eye, don't hesitate to get them! All collections are ephemeral and most creations never come back.


    • Since the mixture is hand poured in an artisanal way, it could present some tiny air bubbles (holes), but don't worry about the visual quality of your selection. The designer inspects each of the pieces one by one, in order to detect any possible anomalies. No exchange or refund will be made in this regard. The earrings are carefully handcrafted with great attention to detail and lots of love.


    • No items made or sold by Les audacieuses are intended for children.



    Hauteur: 12 mm

    Largeur: 10 mm



    Acier inoxydable de couleur argent OU plaqué or, sans plomb, sans cadmium et sans nickel. Ces composantes sont considérées comme étant HYPPOALLERGÈNES. En cas d'allergie MAJEURE, certaines exceptions pourraient s'appliquer.



    Toutes les formes ont été dessinées par la designer fondatrice, Samia Crespin, afin de créer des MOULES UNIQUES et originaux que l'on ne trouve nulle part ailleurs. Ceux-ci servent par la suite de base pour y couler, de manière artisanale, de la résine époxy de grande qualité agrémentée d'un mélange de pigments, de paillettes et de brillants.

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