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         AND A LITTLE BIT (A LOT) 
                                   OF GLITTERS

At LES AUDACIEUSES, we strongly believe that the greatest happiness can be found in the smallest things and that there is nothing better than freedom. The freedom of being a 100% yourself, without barriers or judgements. The freedom to be daring and authentic, to assume your true colourful self and to shine at your brightest, as you should everyday. With LES AUDACIEUSES, say yes to a life that looks like you and lights that little spark in your eyes!


In a very joyful and shiny universe, LES AUDACIEUSES offers different ranges of unique and fun products, for your everyday life. From earrings and hair clips sprinkled with confetti, to natural and sparkling ''cooconing'' products, you will certainly find the ''little something'' to take care of yourself and maintain a healthy mind, in a healthy and happy body.

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